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Torre petrolifera

14 Years of  Excellence

What makes difference is our attention to details in any project we are involved in

With six offices around the world and a management backbone experience of 25 years, GeoTeam has consolidated its presence on the market, becoming a reference partner for some of most important Companies in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Renewables industries. Company works closely with Clients during the whole lifecycle of any offshore development and believes that a detailed knowledge of the marine environment represents a step towards the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage, being a de-risking factor for its client offshore development projects. Our mission is to provide turnkey tailored solutions, from conception to completion phases and from the shoreline up to full ocean depth, being for the Clients the unique interface to deliver safely, in time & in budget, qualitative services.



Our mission is to support Clients in developing marine resources

We are leader in delivering data and reports for a deep knowledge of the marine enviroment, representing a de-risking precious factor to Clients. 

Our credo is to recursively meet and exceed the Client expectations, in time, within budget, providing added value to the offshore development projects. 

Safety first

We operate according to the highest HSE standards, being always reliable, effective and efficient. 

Geoteam is certified ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, with a recording of Zero LTI since foundation

This is our QHSE policy:

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