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With a unique blend of skills and resources, we guarantee efficient and effective solutions to your demanding offshore construction projects within Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and Renewables industries.



Our company can support your projects from conception to completion. During early stages acquiring a broad range of field data required for basic engineering, for detailed engineering, prior during and after the offshore installation, then inspecting recoursively the underwater infrastucture status with suggesting eventual remedial works, at final stage of the infrastucture lifecycle prior during and after its removal from seabed. 

Markets in which we operate are:


Oil and Gas

From Conception to Completion a unique point of contact for a broad range of services

GeoTeam management have a significant experience in Oil & Gas markets having supported major Oil & Gas and EPC Contractors in the last 25 years.

We support Clients during the entire lifecycle of any offshore Field Development providing reconnaissance surveys, met-ocean and environmental baselines, pre engineering surveys, 2D HR seismic & refraction, resistivity survey, geotechnical investigations & testing/ analysis, seabed coring, well site surveys, towing-out monitoring, rig moving,  pre-lay & UXO surveys, supporting onboard installation vessels, as laid, as built, out of straigtness, stability, cathodic protection and leaks inspections, remedial works, tailored decommissiong services. 


We support primary Clients of the Telecommunication market with a full range of services

In the recent years GeoTeam has supported valuable Telecom companies clients on 25 primary cable systems around the world.

We provide plgr and route clearance services, pre-cable route surveys, assisting during installation either with ROV and positioning services.  


Power and Renewables

We support the primary Clients of the Renewable market with a full range of marine surveys

The recent years have seen the steady growing of the offshore Renewable and Power markets.

GeoTeam can provide to this market a broad range of marine services: permitting/ licensing supporting services, recoinnassance survey, environmental baselines, archeological survey, UXO survey, ROV/ AUV pre-engineering surveys, pre-lay surveys, resistivity surveys, 2D HR seismic & seismic refraction surveys, mete-ocean services, seabed coring & sampling, laboratory testing and analysis, ROV installation assistance and monitoring, cathodic protection inspections, remedial works, tailored decommissiong services.  

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