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The best quality/price and highest value from a single Company


GeoTeam services ranging from near shore up to full ocean depth always using engineeered tailored solutions of the most reliable and innovative technologies. A unique provider for a wide array of integrated services:

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GeoTeam historic core business field of activities comprises Clients positioning support during all construction, installation, post installation monitoring phases.

GeoTeam's capabilities include:


  • Topographical beach landing & coastal surveys

  • Geodetic control establishment, dimensional controls, calibrations, leveling, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Drones, UAV Photogrammetry

  • Rig, laying, diving and installation vessels positioning

  • Towing out monitor & positioning

  • Templates, structures and pipelines installations positioning services

  • Subsea positioning and metrology


Geoteam offers a wide range of marine survey services to a variety of industries. The Company has supported Clients to have a deeper knowledge of seabed environment, with cost effective solutions and providing in time qualitative results.

  • Cables, pipelines, structures, pre-engineering, pre-lay, touchdown monitoring, as laid, as-built, out-of-straightness, stability surveys pre-installation and post installation surveys either onboard client vessels or provided vessels DP or not with ROV/ AUV

  • Sea/ harbor/ coastal studies and monitoring

  • Met-Ocean & Oceanographic services

  • Hydrographic, Bathymetric and Geophysical surveys in Compliance with IHO requirements

  • Environmental Surveys, Marine characterizations, Mammals/ Underwater Acoustic Monitoring’s

  • Archeological survey

  • Magneto/ Gravimetric surveys/ Resistivity Surveys (Electrical tomography)

  • UXO surveys

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GeoTeam is oriented to a complete diverless approach to the subsea world. Where conditions are extreme GeoTeam can provide AUV and Inspection to Work Class ROV systems for turnkey solutions that include DP survey/ construction support vessels

  • Pipelines, cables, umbilical’s, structures pre-lay and pre-engineering surveys.

  • Touchdown, installation monitoring, as laid, as-built, out-of-straightness, stability surveys, pre-installation and post installation survey

  • Drilling support

  • Subsea video, 3D visualization and 3D metrology

  • Subsea Inspections, interventions and operations

Geotechnical Sampling & Testing

Geotechnical engineering is today a fundamental aspect in designing offshore constructions. We provide smart geotechnical services to a variety of industries: 

  • Geotechnical jack ups, vessels for near shore and offshore investigations

  • Seabed coring, sampling, drilling

  • CPT & other geotechnical testing

  • Geotechnical laboratory testing & analysis

  • Seabed characterizations

  • Geotechnical Engineering Analysis and Reporting

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Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management is a key factor to protect client investments. From initial survey to intervention services, GeoTeam supports Client during entire lifetime cycle of the asset. Its services are tailored to give a precise & real time web based broad vision of asset status:

  • Geophysical Survey & Geotechnical Sampling, Consultancy

  • Seabed characterizations

  • ROV visual HD and NDT inspections

  • Remedial works, Subsea operations, Operations design and execution, Procurement Support, Project Management, Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting

  • 3D Metrology, UAV Services (laser scanner/ orthophoto/ under water)

Construction Support

GeoTeam has recently expanded its subsea capabilities completing challenging turnkey projects safely, in time and within budget, creating value to its Clients:

  • Project management, cost control, planning, QHSE, installation engineering, for light construction,  installation services onboard client vessels or provided Dynamic Positioned (DP) Vessels, ROVs, equipment and tools for:

  1. Debris removal, route clearance

  2. Mattresses/ structures protection

  3. Small manifolds, templates

  4. Jumpers and spools tie-ins

  5. Hook-up of flexible lines, risers and chains

  6. Cables/ umbilical's and flexible lines

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