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Expertise to trigger energy transition


GeoTeam S.p.A. is a global services supplier to challenging Offshore Industries

Geoteam is the offshore construction company that have supported primary Oil Companies, Utilities Company and relative EPC contractors on an extended number of challenging projects around the world, providing a wide array of integrated services for:

  •  Licensing/ Permitting Support

  •  Offshore Construction Support

  •  Inspection Repair & Maintenance Support

  •  Asset Integrity Management Support

  • Positioning

  • Survey, UXO, Environmental

  • Auv/Rov, Diving

  • Geotechnical sampling, Testing, Analysis

Offshore projects provided by Geoteam S.p.A. in the last 15 years

Expertise Leadership Innovation

We are a trusted partner for our clients:

  • 107 Contracts delivered 

  • 15 Years 

  • 42 Countries 

  • 20 Primary firms


Who We Are

Work side by side with our Clients during all phases of any offshore development, from conception to completion, from shoreline to full ocean depth with delivering industry standard qualitative results, in time, within budget.

This is our video presentation:

Geoteam S.p.A. Client Saipem Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client Terna Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client Repsol Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client ENI Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client Alcatel Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client Edison Logo
Geoteam S.p.A. Client Total Logo

Who Chose Us

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