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Geoteam offers a wide range of marine survey services to a variety of industries. The Company has supported Clients to have a deeper knowledge of seabed environment, with cost effective solutions and providing in time qualitative results.

  • Cables, pipelines, structures, pre-engineering, pre-lay, touchdown monitoring, as laid, as-built, out-of-straightness, stability surveys pre-installation and post installation surveys either onboard client vessels or provided vessels DP or not with ROV/ AUV

  • Sea/ harbor/ coastal studies and monitoring

  • Met-Ocean & Oceanographic services

  • Hydrographic, Bathymetric and Geophysical surveys in Compliance with IHO requirements

  • Environmental Surveys, Marine characterizations, Mammals/ Underwater Acoustic Monitoring’s

  • Archeological survey

  • Magneto/ Gravimetric surveys/ Resistivity Surveys (Electrical tomography)

  • UXO surveys

  • Rig hazard site surveys

  • Dredging support services

  • 2D HR Seismic survey

  • Diving Survey

  • EEZ & UNCLOS surveys

  • GIS implementation and management

  • Drones/ UAV Survey and Inspection (orthophotos/ videos/ thermography/ DEM/ other sensors)

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