"The Code of ethics represents who we are, and how we act as a Company"

This code expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities fulfilled in the performance of business activities and operations by the employees and managers of all the GeoTeam companies.

The code can be resumed in the following key points: 

  • Provides official guidelines on key principles and commitments that must be met by individual employees and by the Group as a whole every day.

  • Emphasizes that the Group must fully comply with laws, regulations and requirements in all countries where it operates.

  • Stresses the need for transparency, integrity and loyalty, as well as fair and honest behavior in relations with customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, employees, governments, regulatory institutions and the public.

  • Highlights our three fundamental rules with regard to competition law, prevention of corruption, and accuracy and disclosure of financial information.

  • Details the Alert Procedure which allows any employee to report violations of anti-corruption, competition and securities and accounting laws and regulations.